Ship repairs and shipyard representations

Today's globalised trade and the opening of niche markets makes choosing the right ship repair companies even more complex. BPCO LTD Shiprepair Brokers has been appointed as the main agent for reputable shipyards around the world. Moreover, in order to respond to the high quality requirements set for afloat ship repairs, BPCO LTD Shiprepair Brokers LTD is the only company in Greece and Cyprus that proudly represents on an exclusive basis a large number of companies that undertake afloat ship repairs, underwater repairs and marine safety services and diving companies in all five continents.

Because of our engineering and business background we coordinate the job from the tendering to implementation stage being able to follow its progress from both technical and business point of view. This enables us to provide additional technical and commercial assistance to our clients when their vessels are repaired in the yard, or afloat.

The benefits from the exclusive agencies are multiple for both the Greek and Cypriot shipping companies as well as the ship repair companies:
The ship repair companies are exclusively promoted to our clients in the biggest maritime market in the world: In Greece and Cyprus, where more than the 20% of the world’s tonnage is concentrated.
Moreover, the shipping companies can rely on a worldwide network of reputable ship repair companies that can offer quality service at competitive prices.

Download the list of the companies we exclusively represent